About RES

Ron SheltonRon Shelton introduced RES limited editions in Columbus Ohio at the Columbus Museum of Art “2001 Influence of Africa Showcase.” RES has designed hats for dance and theater companies including, The Beck Theater and The Cleveland Playhouse. RES co-produced and designed the hats in the Cleveland Playhouse’ 2011 Fusion Fest, “Men in Hats.” RES hats appeal to musicians and artists and has created a hat for Billy F. Gibbons. In 2011 RES produced two Baby Nudu hats for Fox’s Bones TV show, which appeared alongside Mr. Gibbons in episode 6.15, “Killer in the Crosshairs.” The Nudu appears again in episode 6.23, “Change in the Game.” RES has created the Nudu hat for musicians around the world.

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