Fur Felt Top Hat

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Product Description

Quality hand-blocked fur felt top hat with a 2 inch leather brim; 2 inch leather hat band. Ther e are 6 1.5 inch brass ring attached to the band. Interior: Leather sweat band and silk lined. This is just a sample of many styles of this top hat that is available in your specific size. You will have the choice of color and hat band treatment. As you can see from the photos I have included two color options: Red leather brim with matching band, and the Black leather brim with matching band. The color choice is yours. All of my fur felt top hats are custom designed to your specific taste. How to measure your head: 1. Using a tape measure made of plastic or cloth, measure circumference of head just above top of ears and just above the brow. Make sure the tape lies midway on your occipital bone (the little bone in the middle of the back of your head). 2. Place the tape measure at the top center of your head and measure the distance to where you want the brim to place. This will give the crown depth. It is important that you provide these two measurements to get a perfect fit. Remember; please include your hair in both measurements. Don’t pull the tape too tightly; let it sit comfortably, i.e. how you’d like the hat to fit. fea 06b2010_101300302010_10130033


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